The Polo Club Saint-Tropez is unique in France; it is a peaceful and enchanting retreat for even the most demanding people. Located in Gassin, one of the most beautiful listed villages of France, nestled between Saint-Tropez and the languishing beaches of Pampelonne, the Polo Club Saint-Tropez is a very breath-taking experience. This splendid and forceful place emanates a soft plenitude.

The tournaments of the Polo Club Saint-Tropez, sponsored by the two Gracida brothers, have attracted since 1998 the best world players in the last 30 years and thanks to Corinne Schuler’s passion for polo. She is the President of the Polo Club Saint-Tropez and an eminent polo player.

Each year, international teams come to play many different and unique tournaments, supported by the greatest professionals of the world such as the Gracida brothers, Mc Donough, Aguerre, Trotz and many other polo players.


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