Due to the warm weather conditions games started at 1.30 p.m. on the final day. After the first two days team USA were in the leading position, two points ahead of Germany. This constellation promised a thrilling final day at the Snow Polo Arena Reith/Seefeld.

With fantastic weather and before a huge crowd Austria played the first game against Germany. The game started very fast, both teams played very aggressive. In the second minute oft he first Chukker Germany took the lead with a brilliant goal from Marie Haupt. After the equalizer of Benjamin Darroux, Joe Reinhard made it 3:1 for Germany with his first two goals on this day. In the second Chukker Austria tried to come back to the game but it was Germany in person of Marie Haupt that scored after a well played counter attack. The game ended 4:2 for Germany, Darroux scored the second goal for Austria.

With this result Germany could take the lead of the standings at Seefeld, putting some pressure on team USA at their game against Austria. However, at first it looked like Gaudenzi and Pichler could handle the pressure well. With three Gaudenzi goals USA had a comfortable 3:0 lead until late in the second Chukker. What seemed to be an easy game for team USA suddenly became a nightmare when Austria scored four goals within two minutes and 30 seconds. The Americans could not come back and so this second game ended 4:3 for team Austria, which played very good polo on the final day.

With Germany in the lead and USA in the second place of the classement, the last game between those two teams was decisive for the Seefeld title. USA had to win the game, the Germans just needed a draw. In a thrilling final Joe Reinhard scored the first goal for Germany after only 45 seconds. After the equalizer from Klarina Pichler it was Reinhard again making it 2:1 Germany. With the final whistle of the first Chukker Tito Gaudenzi scored the equalizer, bringing team USA back in the race for title. The second Chukker started with a beautiful goal from Klarina Pichler, exactly one minute was played. Right in return, it was Reinhard again making it 3:3 after two minutes in the second Chukker. USA could recover from this goal, it was Pichler who scored again, 4:3 now. Now pressure was on Germany needing at least the equalizer to win the tournament at Seefeld. Two minutes before end Germany could score and with another goal they left no doubt about who would win the event. At the end it was 5:4 for Germany, Joe Reinhard scored all German goals.

„It was a very hard struggle, but in the end we deserved victory here at Seefeld. I guess the major factor was the good teamplay between Maria and me“, stated German hero Joe Reinhard after the final.


Final Table Seefeld 2017:


Germany   13 Pts./ 31:25

USA             9 Pts./ 32:22

Austria         4 Pts./ 18:34



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